2021/22 Player Information

The 4th Annual Mayfair Toronto Pro League (MTPL) will feature 56 of GTA’s most talented tennis players. Teaching pros, NCAA & CIS players, high ranked juniors (5.0 level & above) and even the occasional ATP player are welcome to take part.

New this year:

  • The MTPL will start on November 5 at Mayfair Lakeshore and will extend into 2022 with the Finals taking place on February 25.

There are four teams in the league with three lines of doubles played each team match. There will be a maximum of 14 players on each team. Each team will play the opposing teams twice for a total of 7 matches. Players do not have to be available all 7 matches.

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Player Pay Schedule: 

Weekly Match Winners – Each player receives $100*

Weekly Match Finalists – Each player receives $50

The MTPL is a Money League in which players receive cash at the end of each of their matches. Players proudly wear team shirts with their corporate team sponsor logo on the front and the players’ name on the back.

Players who are interested in applying to play in the 2021 MTPL can submit their name, current playing level and tennis background information to Ken Crosina at kcrosina@mayfairclubs.com no later than September 3. If accepted, the league fee for players is $120.

Teams will be determined by an official draft process that will include all players that applied to play.

Players’ pictures and individual tennis bios will be featured on the Mayfair Toronto Pro League website and social media.

To submit your name as a potential player please contact Ken Crosina at 416-638-1010 x 4247 or email kcrosina@mayfairclubs.com.

Download our player information package.